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with Robert M. Caruso – Forbes Top 40 Digital Marketer and Digital Scouting’s Top 100 Social Media and Marketing influencer. Discover how Robert and his team can turn your marketing around. Giving you a more prominent brand presence and boost YOUR PROFITS!


Bad OR no online marketing strategy, and poor execution are the issues.

Robert explains why just adding more fuel to the fire won’t fix a bad marketing plan. The amount of expertise and skill that is needed to create a successful, result-driven online marketing program takes years to develop and refine. Most brands fail to understand this and end up spinning their wheels with zero results.

Our Integrated Services that make your business thrive.

We take care of your complete digital footprint. We rework or rebuild it, and create a thriving strategy while managing all marketing channels for you. So, you can concentrate on what you do best – in your business, your products, and your operations.

Extensive Market Research

A deep dive into 80+ hours of initial industry and competitor research, brand discovery, buyer persona development and target audience analysis.

Online Brand Strategy

Developing an online strategy that comprises each marketing channel within the brand’s ecosystem, building brand awareness and value proposition.

Search Optimization

Continuous search engine optimization for individual and localized web/landing pages in order to achieve a higher search rank and gain more relevant traffic.

Total Integrated Digital Marketing Execution

Our proprietary method of integrating specific marketing segments and functions into a customized program, supported by a unified strategy that delivers results.

Continual Content Creation

Content is the powerhouse behind any great marketing strategy. The formulation of this content demands thoughtful creation, a method of execution, intentional delivery and consistency to be successful.

Data Analysis

Analytics structurization and implementation of ongoing digital and eCommerce tracking. Evaluation of gathered primary data to influence and model future campaigns and decision-making strategies.

Why your marketing isn't working!

The complexities of digital marketing have grown to levels that were not even thought of just five years ago. The advancement of exceptionally detailed requirements of Google to achieve search rankings for brands, to changes in user content preferences, to continual algorithm changes on every social network, and the reduced reach in favor of social ads, a conventional marketing approach just isn’t going to cut through the noise online. Let alone beat the competition that has already integrated many of these pieces ahead of you.

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One question we ask before we begin a partnership with any brand is, “Are we a good fit?” Every brand, industry and target market is different, so there is no package of services that is right for all brands. However, our methodology for being successful online is in the application of an innovative process of integrated digital marketing. Integrated digital marketing uses the approach of being everywhere online that your specific brand needs to be, and doing all of the required marketing functions on those platforms under a unified strategy that works off of each other to be most effective. When we determine if you are the right fit for this type of process, then we can move to create your better outcome. WE believe as a team this makes us better together!

Where We Rank:

Top 40 Forbes Digital Marketer

Top 100 Social Media & Marketing Influencer

What our clients are saying

We help our clients cut through the noise and have platforms and properties that win online. But don’t just take our word for it —

Business To Business

“Building a brand from scratch is a challenging undertaking. Robert and his team not only built the brand’s foundation but also created the digital presence I needed.”


Business To Consumer

“They took our brick and mortar company from having a zero digital footprint to driving an increased revenue of over $300k per month. We couldn’t be happier!”


Fortune 500

“Great Job in Creating and Managing Visuals – Extremely Responsive.

Highly Recommended.”



Robert M. Caruso is recognized on Forbes list of top 40 social media marketers and the 57th top digital marketing influencer in 2016. He was noted in 2019, as the 14th top content marketing influencer by Social Animal, and most recently included in Digital Scouting’s Top 100 Social Media and Marketing Influencers. Robert Caruso is a social media, digital marketing, and technology expert with over 20 years of planning, creating, and executing strategies within various markets and industries. He also understands technology at the deepest level and holds multiple internet technology patents. Robert focuses on executing effective integrated digital marketing for mid-sized B2B, B2C, enterprise, SaaS and Startup brands. He delivers brand awareness and growth, making lasting impressions and achieving online results.

Robert M. Caruso

Lead Partner, Fondalo and Engage Inc.

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